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Heavenly-mindedness comes naturally to people. You don’t have to be a person of faith to have a heavenly yearning.You need to go no further than your radio to realize this. FOR EXAMPLE – I submit to you the1980’s Hair Band WARRANT singing “HEAVEN ISN’T TOO FAR AWAY”: “Heaven isn’t too far away. We get closer to it every day. No matter what your friends might say. I know we’ll find a way.” Presumably, the way to heaven involves AquaNet and eyeliner. And who can forget the raspy voice of BRYAN ADAMS singing the simply titled song: “HEAVEN.” “Baby, you’re all that I want. When you’re lying here in my arms. I’m finding it hard to believe. We’re in heaven.” That’s poetic genius right there. 

The popularity of heaven even saw a modern WORSHIP SONG enter the secular charts, with MERCY ME’s “I CAN ONLY IMAGINE”  Surrounded by You glory What will my heart feel? Will I dance for you, Jesus? Or in awe of You be still? Will I stand in your presence? Or to my knees will I fall? Will I sing hallelujah? Will I be able to speak at all? I can only imagine.I can only imagine! Side note: I certainly hope that going to heaven doesn’t mean performing a solo dance and song number for Jesus. I’m hoping for a good conversation with him over a cup of coffee.


People know they need relief from the mundane routine of being stuck in a cubicle for 9 hours a day or the stress of trying to balance the family budget while trying to figure out how to pay for rising health care costs and children’s sports. Heaven sounds really good for people who simply need more than a little bit of R & R. And so, we look for it, hoping we’ll catch heaven.

Many people yearn with anticipation for a time when the world is just or as Christians might say, when “the world is put to rights.” We desire the day when there is no more pain, injustice, abuse, war, disease, famine, and brokenness. In a world where so much can go and has gone wrong, it is natural and even good to look forward to heaven. Heaven sounds like the answer to a lot of our problems.


The problem with being so heavenly minded is that we can become no earthly good. There’s a saying I heard for the first time today: “Be where your feet are” or in other words: BE PRESENT.  Being present, being mindful, being aware of the here and now is wisdom reflected in many major religions and philosophies throughout time.

We only have the present — this moment in time we are HERE, we are ALIVE. The past is gone and the future is pregnant with possibilities that may or may not happen. Wishing for another time and another place means we are less than full participants in the here and now. If you spend all your time looking up or looking back, you’ll miss everything that’s right in front of you. Be where your feet are.


Where are you right now (physically/situationally)? What’s going on in your life? What are your important relationships? What can you do right now? How can you be more present in your daily life?

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