WHY. Public speaking is often cited at or near the top list of peoples' fears or tasks they want to avoid. However, successful vision casting, sales, team meetings, corporate events, human resource management, and even career advancement is often dependent on the ability to deliver memorable public speaking presentations. With so much at stake in your personal success and the success of your organization, an investment in developing this essential skill can pay huge dividends.


WHAT. Whether you need ongoing coaching, immediate consultation for an important presentation, or speech writing and editing services, I put my experience as a university professor of public speaking, decades of public speaking to diverse audiences as large as 2500, and my M.A. in Communication and Organizational Leadership to work for you in person, video-conferencing, and via email.


HOW. As I get to know you personally, I use my experience and education to ensure you deliver your message with maximum effectiveness in a way that is personal, interesting, relevant, and meaningful to your audience.  I assist you by objectively analyzing your previous public speaking, and then I work with you to focus on the particular skills you need to craft a powerful presentation.


COST. See pricing below for coaching. The $79 per hour consulting rate applies to speech manuscript analysis as well as speech writing and construction.

  • 1-on-1 coaching: $85 per hour
  • 1-on-2 coaching: $125 per hour
  • 1-on-3 coaching: $165 per hour
  • 75-minute Group Classes: $299 

Additional travel costs apply for road travel greater than 15 miles or air travel to your location.